Street Sweeping

Once the snow has melted in the spring of each year, the Township contracts out the springtime Street Sweeping Program to clean Township streets of the residual sand left on the road surface deposited during winter control. 

The Street Sweeping Program starts in April and is typically completed by June.   Residents are asked to minimize on-street parking during street sweeping to ensure best results.

See information below for updates on when street sweeping will take place in your area.

Street sweeping in Rockwood will begin on Wednesday, April 10, 2017.







Residents are also reminded that while street sweeping is underway, there may be some noise and dust. 

Street sweeping operations take place on Township-owned roads and sidewalks in urban areas, such as Rockwood, Eden Mills, Everton, Promenade, Hamilton Drive, Kaine Hill, Beech Street, Shadow Drive, Walkerbrae, Ellenville Crescent, Ariss Glenn Drive and Hartfield areas. Hard-topped intersections and bridges in the rural areas are also cleaned as part of the Street Sweeping Program.

By removing these materials from the streets, street sweeping prevents the build-up of sand and debris in catch basins, which could potentially block the storm sewers.  The Street Sweeping Program can also improve water quality and the environment by removing pollutants that could be transferred to downstream water bodies through urban run-off. This program also provides a safe and clean driving surface for motorists in addition to improving the aesthetics of the Township’s road network.

Every attempt is made to sweep the streets as soon as possible after the end of the winter season.  Please note that weather conditions, such as cold temperatures and rain, may impede sweeping operations. 

For more information, please contact Loretta Vince at or 519-856-9596 ext 120