Our crews perform regular inspections of our paved and gravel roads, following provincial maintenance standards.

In the spring, potholes are more prevalent.  By reporting a pothole or a road condition issue on a gravel or asphalt road, you can help our crew respond to potential hazards. 


How do I report a pothole?

Call 519-856-9596 ext. 120 or email lvince@get.on.ca

Please provide the following information to assist crews in locating the pothole:

·         Name of street or road

·         Address of the closest building to pothole

·         Cross street information, if available

Why are the roads so full of potholes in the spring months?

Potholes form because asphalt road surfaces crack after warming during the heat of day and then cooling at night. The constant stress of traffic can aggravate these cracks and allow snow and rainwater to seep into the underlying sand and gravel. During cold winter nights, this water freezes and expands. Some of the sand and gravel is pushed out as a result, leaving a hole when the ice eventually melts. Drivers may also be driving over these unseen holes, putting even more stress on the thin asphalt layer covering them. Eventually the asphalt layer over these divots can collapse and create potholes.

Why doesn’t the Township fix these potholes as they occur?

In the spring, with the warmer weather, these holes can be filled and fixed permanently with a mixture of hot asphalt.  For gravel roads, the Township has a Maintenance Gravel Program in the spring months to grade  and fix surface damage caused by break-up of gravel roads.