Family Yoga with Lisa

Mother and daughter doing a yoga pose

Join our growing group of Family Based Yoga with Lisa at the RDAPC! All registrations include one parent, one youth and one fantastic time to grow your family relationships while having fun, being healthy and staying happy!

Yoga Instructor: Lisa Nevar

Lisa  has recently joined our fitness team at the RDAPC. She completed her 750-hour teacher training program at Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto and began teaching in 2008. Lisa shares yoga at any level from beginner to advanced with compassion, humility and humour. She invites students to discover their own abilities and work with their challenges, to create truly personalized practices. In 2006, Lisa began teaching Itsy Bitsy Yoga; a developmentally enriching program designed specifically for babies, tots and tykes. Developing programs for children and youth to share with their parents soon followed. Join us for a fun and relaxing workout experience……with your children!


Location for all classes:  Royal Distributing Athletic Performance Centre, 7384 Wellington Road 30

Session Cost: $80+hst for 10 Week programs

Baby Yoga
(newborn to almost crawler, with one adult)
Explore dozens of yoga poses designed specifically to be enriching to your baby and to support developmental movement discoveries.  Each class is fulled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding, aid baby`s digestion and improve sleep patterns.  Babies will enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies or held in loving arms.  For parents, this class is a special opportunity to meet other moms, get support and learn about baby`s emerging personality.  Most of the yoga we do in this class is for baby but, for moms, we always find time for some breathing and relaxation practice.
Tuesday               10-10:45am         January 15 - March 26, 2019 (no class March 13)

Mom Yoga

(non-mobile and nearly-mobile babies are welcome!)

A great class to get you out and about with your pre-crawling little one! Enjoy taking the time to stretch and release the tension from your new mom body.  Particular attention is given to each mom`s healing and energy, to ensure that your experience is positive and useful for your day-to-day.  Depending on their energy and need, babies will join us for some of the poses.

Thursday             4-5pm                   January 17– March 28   (no class March 15)

Tot Yoga

(able crawler to 24 months, with one adult)

These classes are creative, fun-loving and active.  Watch tots become more confident as they are encouraged and supported in their phyiscal explorations.  Your tot will playfully practice yoga poses with your assistance, while sitting, standing, walking and jumping.  This is a faster-paced yoga class because of the tots' newfound mobility and curiousity.  Parents will still find time for quiet breathing and relaxation practice.  

Tuesday               11 – 11:45am      January 15 – March 26 (no class March 13)

Tyke Yoga

(2 to 4 years old, with one adult)

Yoga poses, songs, stories and games are combined to create an enriching parent/child activity.  Designed to suit your little tyke's curiosities, while learning yoga through social interaction, repetition and play.  Learn to relieve frustration, improve motor skills and increase attention span.  Help your tyke build the foundation for a healthy and fit lifestyle while having fun!  No yoga experience is required.  This is a parented program, so you will be "showing and sharing" the fun poses and activities with your tyke.

Tuesday              12:00 - 12:45 pm                January 15 – March 26   (no class March 13)

Yoga Buds and Blossoms

(4 to 7 years old, with one adult)

Both boys and girls are sure to enjoy this class filled with poses, games, movement, noises, breathing and loads of laughter.  Classes are designed to engage and challenge children, regardless of age - developmental movement being the key to exploring each and every pose.  Parents will delight in showing-and-sharing all that the class brings.  Independent practice, partner poses and group activities ensure that these classes are fun for all!

Thursday             5:15 – 6pm                          January 17 – March 28   (no class March 15)

Parent and Youth Yoga

(8 to 13 years old, with one adult)

This program offers a great opportunity for an adult and their growing youth to practice as partners and experience hatha yoga together.  Calming breathing practices and partner poses help you strengthen your bond.  Games and group activities help families develop a sense of community.  We practice to discover and challenge our stability, strength, flexibility and focus.  This practice can complement and enhance your performance in athletics, dance, martial arts and even in preparation for the pressure of school and social situations.

Thursday             6:15 – 7pm                          January 17 – March 28   (no class March 15)

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change for your body and life. It is an exciting time. It can also be an overwhelming time. Each pregnancy is unique and so these classes give you the chance to explore a variety of poses and breathing practices that can bring comfort and restfulness to your body and happiness and calm to your mind 
Take this time to nurture yourself. There will be ample time for discussion and to share your pregnancy experiences. Have fun, feel supported by other moms-to-be in the class, and look forward to friendships that will grow after little ones arrive. No previous yoga experience is required.
Thursday             7:15 – 8:15pm                    January 17 – March 28   (no class March 15)

How to Register for Yoga Classes

For more information and to register, please contact:

Dave Nichol at 519-856-9596 ext. 201 or email