Equipment Loan Program

Equipment Loan Program

The Township has an Equipment Loan Program to allow drop-in programs to operate at a low cost.  It allows the seniors of our community to try different sports and activities before investing in the equipment required to participate.

Through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund, the Township has the following equipment: 

Tennis rackets and balls                                                                        

Pickleball paddles and balls                                                                  

Bocce ball sets                                                                                      

Men’s and women’s bikes with helmets                                                     

 Nordic poles                                                                                        

Snowshoes and poles                                                                             

Ping Pong paddles and balls                                                                    

An assortment of Fitbits                                                                               

If you have any suggestions for additional or alternative equipment please let us know!  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the equipment will be available at the Rockmosa Community Centre.  For more information please contact the Community Program Assistant at 519-400-2825 or email

Terms and Conditions                                                                        

What is required to reserve the equipment?

  • Please call ahead to reserve the equipment.  No drop-in reservations allowed during this time.
  • A registration form is to be completed prior to using the equipment (please note that due to the restrictions around COVID-19 all registration forms will be completed over the phone)
  • A credit card number is required prior to using the equipment.
  • If the equipment is damaged or lost, the credit card number provided will be charged.
  • Please call at least 1 day prior to reserve the desired equipment.
  • Equipment can be rented for 1 day or up to a period of 2 weeks.

Pick Up and Return Policy

  • Pick up time is Monday and Wednesday from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the Rockmosa Community Centre. 110 Rockmosa Dr.
  • Return time is Monday and Wednesday from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the Rockmosa Community Centre.  110 Rockmosa Dr.

Please note that all equipment will be sanitized and safely prepared before and after each use.