The Wiener Dog Dash - Dog Profiles

Meet the racers...


Owner(s): Alex & Justin

Arthur came to us last year in July from the Canadian Dachshund Rescue. He is a funny and sweet goofball who would do pretty much anything for a squeaky toy. He enjoys long walks and naps in the sun, but most of all- he love snuggles from his humans.


Owner(s): Andreia & Andrew

Wally is a super sociable little guy that loves running around. He absolutely loves the snow and sticking his nose right in it. Sticks are his favourite and he always tries to find the biggest one possible. He loves his cuddles with Mom after spending the day at work with Dad and he loves his sister Kitty and always tries to sneak bites from her cat food.


Owner(s): Rebecca

Hugo is loving red coloured dashound who loves to play and run around. He’s mischievous and energetic.


Owner(s): Kathryn

Penny is a cuddly couch potato. Her hobbies include stealing cat food and barking for no reason.


Owner(s): Monica

My Rufus is a FAST runner but hates to walk! He is sweet and cuddly - loves ppl but not a fan of other dogs especially if they are bigger than him. He’s an IVDD survivor.

Soxie the Doxie

Owner(s): Leah

Soxie the Doxie is our sweet, cheeky, loveable mini brindle dachshund who makes our hearts melt!


Owner(s): Kelly

Rumour is a Dapple Dachshund who was born in Montreal Quebec. He loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. His favorite thing to do is watch and chase squirrels. Even If you just say "SQUIRREL" AND WATCH HIS HEAD POP UP ON ALERT MODE.


Owner(s): Ashley

Rex is a small slow moving dachshund. He moves at a sloths pace unless chicken or cheese are involved. If you ask Rex to give paw, he will give it to you like you’re the queen of England. He is a pure gentleman!


Owner(s): Lee

Pepper is a spunky, full of energy 2.5 year old long haired dachshund. Pepper loves everyone and everything and absolutely LOVES running!


Owner(s): Kathy and Jeremy

Our Gordie is 8 months old. Because he is just a little fella he is still trying to figure this ol' world out. He loves running around the back yard. Walks are a work in progress. There is so much to see and sniff! He truly thinks he is the boss. Let's face it...he is. I'm sure if he could talk he would say his favourite time of the day is snuggling with his humans on the couch. He has been thru 3 stuffed squirrels since he came to us. He thinks they like getting their faces chewed off. We truly can't remember what our life was like before our little boss dog came into our lives.


Owner(s): Sarah and Lee

Mahoney is fun and very stubborn! He is food motivated and loves to run. He likes to sleep under the covers and is an early riser. He loves his family and chasing the cat and ripping up new toys.


Owner(s): Laura

Colt is too smart for his own good and was born to race! He is always leaving his brother Cash in the dust and beating him to the snacks and cuddles. He is a mama's boy at heart.


Owner(s): Victoria

Cash is sweet, loyal and full of surprises. Literally. He always brings home leaves and sticks and snowballs in his fluffy coat when he goes on walks. His favourite hobby is keeping up with his brother, Colt, a short-hair wiener dog.